How Kandao’s smart conference webcams solve hybrid work headaches – PC World New Zealand

How Kandao’s smart conference webcams solve hybrid work headaches – PC World New Zealand

Hybrid working has its pros and cons. It may let you achieve a
better work-life balance, but you have to deal with communicating
with people remotely a whole lot more.

Kandao’s conference cameras fix the problems of low-quality
laptop webcams. They also solve the headaches of meetings where
some of the participants are in a meeting room and the rest working
from home.

The Kandao Meeting Pro ($899) is the flagship product among
Kandao’s conference cameras, with a 360-degree, 8K resolution view
of the world. Its built-in OS is based on Android and lets you hold
meetings without a laptop. You can install apps like Slack, Zoom,
and Cisco WebEx directly onto the camera itself.

Kandao’s 360-degree Meeting’s ($699) camera pops up out of a
Hi-Fi-grade speaker body, helping ensure privacy. And the Kandao
Meeting S ($569) is a 180-degree camera, handy if you don’t need or
want one with 360-degree coverage.

Notably, the most important of Kandao’s features are shared
among all three models.

Kandao’s advanced AI

These Kandao conference cameras use artificial intelligence to
frame the picture on the speaker, cropping into the image and
panning as they move about the room. You can also choose what
on-screen layout to use.

Kandao Meeting Pro can display two 180-degree views. No matter
how full the room is, everyone gets a spot on-screen. Or you can
split up the view into boxes featuring each person in the video
chat, for the look you’ll be familiar with if you have used Zoom or
Microsoft Teams before.

Kandao’s flexibility is incredibly useful in a whole series of
situations. There’s the classic boardroom meeting, for example.
Those in the room won’t have to sit in front of laptops, eyes glued
to screens. You talk normally, and Kandao’s framing algorithm will
make sure everyone can be seen clearly.

It’s not only useful for corporate scenarios, though. Artists
and musicians can use it to live-stream a multi-window view of what
they’re doing. Music teachers can accommodate in-person and remote
students without anyone feeling left out.

Kandao’s Meeting cameras take a similar advanced approach to
sound. All three have an 8-microphone array, with 360-degree sound
pick-up. However, these mics also use beamforming. This lets the
camera be selective about what it hears, leaving out the sound of
someone eating a bag of potato chips in the corner, for example,
and instead prioritizing the actual speaker’s words.

All three have powerful speakers in their base with wide sound
dispersal and rich-sounding output, so no-one needs to lean in to
listen or use a headset. At each turn, Kandao’s high-end hardware
and advanced software eliminates needing to think about the tech,
so you can simply get on with your meeting, video chat, or
streaming session.

The Kandao Meeting, Meeting S, and Meeting Pro conference
cameras are available to buy now.