How Jogging Vs. Running Can Benefit Your Fitness Game – Bustle

How Jogging Vs. Running Can Benefit Your Fitness Game – Bustle

When you lace up your sneakers and set off down the street for a cardio workout, would you say you are going for a jog or a run? While both forms of exercise look pretty identical to the naked eye, there are a few things that set running and jogging apart.

To start with the most obvious, the main difference between running and jogging is speed, says Brian Muldowney, MS, a USAT-certified level I coach. “Running is moving at a pace that is moderate to high in intensity,” he tells Bustle. While it depends on the individual, that could be as quick as six minutes per mile, or it could be slower and based on your perceived exertion.

Your form also comes into play. “Running engages more of the upper body in the swinging of the arms,” Muldowney says, compared to a slower jog where the arms tend to remain at your sides. There’s also a difference in stride length, notes Josh Honore, NASM-CPT, a trainer and coach for Stride Fitness. “Stride length can nearly double with running versus jogging,” he tells Bustle. “This form difference also affects foot strike.” When running, less of your foot tends to contact the ground with each step, Honore says. Your foot also tends to strike closer to your toes during a run, compared to a jog that rolls more through your mid-foot.

Running focuses a lot of attention on form and pace, which is why jogging can seem a lot more casual in comparison. The latter is when you move faster than a walk at a low to medium pace but not so fast that you get out of breath, Muldowney says. While jogging is technically very similar to running, it often comes with a different mindset, too, says Alan Ladd, a running coach and founder of The Running Rules. It’s slower, less structured, and less goal-oriented — as in, you may not be gearing up for race day — but both still count as amazing forms of exercise. Read on for more on the differences between running versus jogging.

The Benefits Of Running


Whether you’re months into training for a race or out running for the first time with a couch to 5K program, Ladd says all running counts as good exercise, and it boosts your overall health. “It improves cardiovascular health by exercising the heart, which itself is a muscle,” he says. “And running is also known to improve mental health.” Go for a swift shuffle down the street, and you might even get a runner’s high.

Take your jogging speed up a few notches into a run and you can expect to strengthen the muscles of your lower body and improve your endurance, Muldowney adds. “It is similar to strength training, where you gradually improve strength and endurance by increasing resistance through physical exercise,” he says.</…….