HeyGears targets digital dentistry with new UltraCraft ChairSide and ChairSide Pro 3D printers – 3D Printing Industry

HeyGears targets digital dentistry with new UltraCraft ChairSide and ChairSide Pro 3D printers – 3D Printing Industry

HeyGears, a Chinese 3D printer OEM and additive manufacturing service provider, has announced the launch of two new resin-based 3D printers for the dental sector.

The firm’s new UltraCraft ChairSide and ChairSide Pro systems are intended to address a growing demand for digital dentistry, providing an accessible and easy-to-use method of in-office 3D printing. Designed specifically for users without much technical experience, the DLP machines enable a wide variety of dental applications without the need for extensive training or specialized staff.

Both the UltraCraft ChairSide and ChairSide Pro 3D printers are suitable for denture bases, temporary crowns and bridges, bonding guides, dental molds, personalized trays, and more.

The ChairSide (right) and ChairSide Pro (left) 3D printers. Photo via HeyGears.

The UltraCraft ChairSide

The base UltraCraft ChairSide model is a compact desktop 3D printer that aims to combine speed and reliability. According to HeyGears, the system is optimized for productivity, allowing dental practices and labs to go from patient-specific scan to 3D printed part in as little as 30 minutes.

One of the ChairSide’s greatest novelties is in its modular CapsulePrint system. CapsulePrint is a disposable package that consolidates the resin tank, resin fluid, and material loading mechanism – all in one single-use capsule. It’s made from recycled polymer and is disposable, eliminating the need to clean the resin tank and store the used resin after every print. The system is designed to greatly reduce the need for printer maintenance while making build switching fast and easy, since each capsule is application-specific.

Users can also combine the 3D printer with the firm’s UltraCraft AirWash and UltraCraft AirCure devices to truly automate the dental 3D printing workflow. The former is a part washing and drying machine that uses a disposable platform as a base, meaning there’s no need to clean the washing chamber between builds (as there’s no contact with the liquid resin). Additionally, AirWash automatically detects the CapsulePrint variant in use and selects the optimal washing operation for the application.

On the other hand, the AirCure device ends the post-processing workflow with auto-calibrated rapid part curing capabilities. Much like the AirWash, the AirCure automatically detects the application in use and selects the optimal curing strategy for speed and reliability.

The ChairSide can be used alongside the AirWash and AirCure post-processing systems. Photo via HeyGears.

The UltraCraft ChairSide Pro

For those seeking high-volume production, the UltraCraft ChairSide Pro 3D printer may be a better fit. The desktop system offers the same print quality as its younger sibling, but with a faster print speed, making it well-suited to batch production applications.

The machine leverages a matrix light structure with an industrial-grade light engine. According to HeyGears, the highly-optimized vat separation strategy also results in a 40% increase in productivity when compared to competing DLP 3D printers.

Furthermore, the UltraCraft ChairSide Pro also comes complete with AI-based pixel-grade imaging technology to alleviate the risk of optical distortions, helping to ensure a uniform print quality across the build plate. The printing process is also dynamic, meaning process parameters such as exposure time and layer thickness can be adjusted mid-print according to the application.

All in all, the firm’s latest printers are expected to address the needs of dental professionals everywhere, providing a beginner-friendly route to more efficient patient care.

The UltraCraft ChairSide Pro. Photo via HeyGears.

The resin 3D printing space is one of the more saturated segments of the additive manufacturing sector, with new systems launching every month. Just recently, Carbon, the developer behind the Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) 3D printing technology, announced the launch of its new and improved M3 series 3D printers. The firm’s latest product line comprises two models, the M3 and M3 Max, and offers improved print speeds, larger build volumes, and higher-quality parts when compared to its predecessors.

Elsewhere, 3D printer OEM Formlabs recently announced two new 3D printers and a new 3D printing resin. The company’s latest drop includes both the Form 3+ and the Form 3B+, Formlabs’ fastest 3D printers to date. They’re based on the firm’s signature Low Force Stereolithography technology and are intended as successors to the widely popular Form 3 and Form 3B printers.

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Featured image shows the ChairSide (right) and ChairSide Pro (left) 3D printers. Photo via HeyGears.

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