Here’s What To Know About Hiking The Haunted Overlook Mountain In The Catskills – TheTravel

Here’s What To Know About Hiking The Haunted Overlook Mountain In The Catskills – TheTravel

Many travelers have wandered through the Catskills in the past, with many an artist, writer, or photographer falling in love with the landscape. Not only popular with the artistically inclined, but the Catskills also became famously popular with tourists in the middle of the past century with massive hotels being erected across the mountains. With their abandonment, the Catskills have gained a haunted element.

These old mountains are not only iconic for their beauty but for the important place they hold in New York’s history. The 5,892 square miles of protected forest in the Catskills are home to more than 30 peaks that stretch 3,500 feet high. This may at times feel like heaven on earth, but then there are the creepy hotel ruins which are great for changing the mood and can make for a creepy Halloween encounter.


Hiking The Haunted Catskills

Legends and secrets fill the Catskills as so many interesting and bizarre events have occurred here in the past. Such legends include that of Rip Van Winkle and even the remains of a plane crash near Katterskill High Peak Trail, which can still be seen. Surprises in the Catskills hardly end there. Hikes like Overlook Mountain are famous for the sheer number of mysterious sites from the region’s past. Overlook Mountain is far more than bird watching destination. It is one of the travelers’ best chances to look into the creepy remains of the Catskills’ past.

Hiking The Haunted Overlook Mountain

Travelers looking for a great hike this Halloween season that incorporates the usual scenic elements of a hike with a less peaceful and more haunting vibe. The treasures travelers can discover along this trail are a vast number of little Easter eggs to find. These Easter eggs include a few abandoned hotels that travelers will pass on their way up. Many of these properties have an interesting and possibly tragic story about why they are as they are.

However, that is hardly the limit of what can be discovered. From plane crash ruins to abandoned hotels and fire towers, there is so much to find on Overlook Mountain.

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Hidden Gems Of Overlook Mountain

This trail stretches for about 5 miles out and back, making it a fantastic day hike with some wiggle room …….