Healthy Habits Martha Stewart Swears By To Feel Great At 80 — Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Healthy Habits Martha Stewart Swears By To Feel Great At 80 — Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

At 80 years young, the queen of cooking, cake baking, and crafting has a few tips she swears by to keep feeling great. Martha Stewart’s glowing complexion is just one of the many ways she reflects the ramifications of a life healthfully lived.

The 80-year-old businesswoman, author, and television personality has a few tried-and-true products that she swears by, including one that helps make her food taste even better. These are a few of the healthy habits that Martha Stewart swears by to feel great at 80.

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She may be 80, but Stewart looks nothing close to the age she possesses. Stewart told The New York Times, “I have never had plastic surgery. You can absolutely say that. No knife on my face, neck, or back.”

Instead, the businesswoman has procedures executed by her dermatologist, Dr. Daniel Belkin. He described the conservatively performed procedures as “non-or minimally invasive.”

Stewart credits Cle de Peau Face Cream for the fresh glow and youthfulness her skin bestows. The cream nourishes, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your complexion while you sleep. Upon awakening, your skin looks and feels dewy and more radiant.

Stewart went viral in a series of quirky Cle de Peau TikTok video ads posted in February 2022. The social media videos were an instant success, reaching over 78 million views in the first seven weeks. Talk about an influencer!

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Martha Stewart and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper Snoop Dogg are actually friends in real life, and they’ve even collaborated on products together. The dynamic duo appeared together last year in Bic lighter commercials, touting the convenience of their new EZ reach lighter. “Perfect for candles… and more!” Of course, Stewart was the one holding up the candle in the advertisement.

Snoop has also been a guest on Stewart’s daytime television show in the past, where they cooked up brownies and shared laughs together with the audience. Having meaningful, fun friendships is great—and for Stewart, it’s one thing that helps keep her feeling great.


Stewart keeps it sleek and simple with Palmolive’s Pure & Clear soap when washing dishes. She fills dispensers with the crystal-clear soap for a stylish twist on cleansing.

She shared in an interview, “This is one of my favorite products. I ‘decant’ [this soap] into clear soap dispensers, and one of these is on every sink in my house for washing dishes…and I have lots of sinks!” The soap, which excludes unnecessary chemicals, keeps Martha’s dinnerware sparkling clean.