Health tech startup HeartVoice expands to chronic disease care – Mobihealth News

Health tech startup HeartVoice expands to chronic disease care – Mobihealth News

HeartVoice, a health tech startup in Singapore, has acquired Integrated Wellness Clinic in Novena Specialist Centre and formed a new entity offering preventive healthcare solutions.

A joint venture between Japanese medical device maker OMRON Healthcare and Singapore-based financial medical technology firm iAPPS Health Group, HeartVoice offers a range of medical technology solutions for healthcare providers, patients and corporations. Its services compromise telehealth, health screening, and remote patient monitoring via mobile app.

Since 2015, Integrated Wellness Clinic has been offering health screening services to over corporate 600 clients and 45,000 patients. 


Through this acquisition, HeartVoice has added a medical arm consisting of family physicians, nurses and patient service officers. To date, more than 30 general practice and specialist clinics have joined its network to provide telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and home-based monitoring services. 

Integrating the clinic, it set up a new unit called [email protected] which provides health screening and technology-powered chronic disease management services. It focuses on managing patient’s cholesterol level, blood pressure and diet. 

Its health programmes for hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes and obesity each have a remote patient monitoring module, allowing patients to remotely monitor their vitals at home and share their readings directly to the [email protected] doctors. 

Moreover, the clinic offers the use of a lifestyle management mobile app called nBuddy which promotes positive lifestyle changes.


In June this year, the HeartVoice clinic was among private clinics in Singapore that was appointed by the Ministry of Health to administer the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine. The MOH also appointed the company last month to provide telemedicine for its Home Recovery Programme that assists in the recovery of COVID-19 patients at home.