Health tech firms Ultromics and Caption Health partner to tackle cardiac disease – Mobihealth News

Health tech firms Ultromics and Caption Health partner to tackle cardiac disease – Mobihealth News

UK-based health tech firm Ultromics and Caption Health today announced a partnership to accelerate cardiovascular disease detection and treatment for more patients in accessible care settings.

The companies, which both specialise in using AI to improve heart ultrasound diagnostics, will offer Caption Health’s AI software platform alongside Ultromics’ EchoGo deep ultrasound analytics.

Through the collaboration they aim to empower clinicians with AI-enhanced diagnostics for heart failure and coronary artery disease beyond the hospital setting. This will enable a broader set of providers to perform ultrasounds and automatically calculate key indicators of heart function which drive earlier and more accurate disease diagnosis.


Access to proper cardiac health care is a global problem, leading to countless preventable deaths.

A limited number of specialists are available to perform and analyse cardiac ultrasounds – a key diagnostic procedure for identifying the beginning or progression of heart failure, valve disease, and coronary artery disease.

By linking their platforms, images acquired using Caption AI can be analysed through Ultromics’ EchoGo platform, expanding access to advanced diagnostic capabilities to doctors and patients in more places.


Oxford University spinout, Ultromics announced a raise of $33 million (£24.3m) in Series B funding earlier this year. The firm has previously partnered with leading research institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, the NHS and the American Society of Echocardiography.

According to a recent study published in Aha Journals, 46% of patients in the US diagnosed with heart failure in acute care settings had potential symptoms at primary care clinic visits in the previous six months. These issues were also more prevalent among women and black patients.

Meanwhile, the UK government recently announced £5.9 billion to help clear treatment backlogs and improve diagnostic service in the NHS, reflecting the great need exacerbated by COVID-19.


Steve Cashman, president and CEO of Caption Health, said: “More efficiently delivered and robust patient care is a necessity for the healthcare system to really improve. This means empowering the entire care team and making diagnostics a key part of care that’s more accessible to patients.

“With Ultromics’ enhanced analysis complementing Caption AI, providers will be able to capture images earlier and get more out of those images, maximising benefits for patients. Together, we’ll help drive the move to earlier detection and diagnosis of cardiac disease in patients—enabling proper management alongside more cost-efficient and timely care.”

Ross Upton, founder and CEO of Ultromics, said: “EchoGo is already delivering to experts an expansive set of fully automated, advanced clinical analysis and diagnostic support modules.

“Caption Health will carry our platform beyond the walls of the imaging lab, allowing new providers with less experience the ability to perform diagnostic ultrasounds and gain advanced measurements of cardiac function and diagnostic support, for earlier and more accessible detection of cardiovascular disease.”