Google Photos Locked Folder & Google One VPN To Arrive For More Devices – Android Headlines

Google Photos Locked Folder & Google One VPN To Arrive For More Devices – Android Headlines

To curb down the security negatives Google has always been surrounded by, the company is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month. During the awareness month, Google is highlighting the efforts it is taking to protect and secure user data and privacy.

Google Fi calls have already received the end-to-end encryption for Android phones. Now, the company is rolling out its best security features for more users.

Notably, according to a report by Android Central, Google Photos Locked Folder and Google One VPN services will be accessible by more users across the globe.

Google Photos Locked Folder will also soon arrive for iOS users

Talking about the Google Photos Locked Folder, the company says that the feature, which was previously exclusive for Pixel owners, will soon be available for the best Android smartphones.

For those who aren’t aware, the Google Photos Locked Folder feature lets you protect your sensitive images behind a password-protected wall. These images won’t show up in your image gallery.

The Locked Folder feature is one of the multiple Pixel features Google announced, earlier this month that will be made available for more devices.

Well, the good news is that Google will roll out the Locked Folder feature for not only more Android users, but for iOS device owners as well. The feature is speculated to be available on more Android and iOS devices in 2022.

Google One VPN services will be available in 10 more countries

Additionally, the Google One VPN service is also arriving in more countries. As of now, the VPN services were only available in select countries, including the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.

Fast forward to now, Google is planning to bring the VPN services to 10 additional countries. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

This would allow users in these regions to protect their browsing activity. However, there is a catch though. This VPN facility will be available only for users with the 2TB plan.

So, if you are a free plan user, you won’t be getting your hands on this service. For 2TB plan users, it will be a handy perk added to their subscription plan.

Moreover, the company has also highlighted some of the Pixel-exclusive security features. The Security Hub feature, found on the Pixel 6, the HTTPS-First Mode on the Chrome browser for a secure connection. It also highlighted the URL check feature in Google Messages or safer browsing.