Google One VPN launches on iOS devices – iLounge

Google One VPN launches on iOS devices – iLounge

Tech giant Google today announced that its VPN service is now available on iPad and iPhones.

18 months after promising that its VPN will be accessible on the iOS platform, Google has delivered. Android devices could access the service from October 2020, with Google One Premium users getting it along with a $9.99 monthly price tag. The plan offers an additional 2TB cloud storage and sharing options on up to 5 more users.

The VPN feature can be applied to five other devices so it can get online protection. Users can download, browse and stream content without having to worry about their activity being leaked to prying eyes. The VPN works on both cellular and public wi-fi networks and stops tracking location and site activity.

iPhone users can get Google One VPN through Google Fi, a service that’s available on iOS and Android. Google One is available in countries such as Mexico, the UK, US and more.