Give The Gift Of Clean Air With Acer’s Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2) Air Purifiers This Christmas – Pokde.Net – Pokde.Net

Give The Gift Of Clean Air With Acer’s Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2) Air Purifiers This Christmas – Pokde.Net – Pokde.Net

Acer Malaysia revealed its latest acerpure series ahead of the upcoming holiday season, allowing customers to give the gift of ‘clean air’ to family, friends, and coworkers. The new acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) have four layers of protection that actively isolate fur, dust, PM1.0 particles, allergies, microorganisms, coronavirus (229E), and influenza A (H1N1).

New acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) have been released

acerpure cool (C2)

The new acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) have four-in-one HEPA filters. The first layer’s pre-filter isolates fur, dust, and dander; the second layer’s HEPA Plus+ filter eliminates 99% of airborne bacteria and is effective against coronavirus (229E) and influenza A (H1N1); the third layer’s HEPA 13 filter removes PM2.5 and PM1.0 particles that can cause allergies, and the fourth layer’s activated carbon filter eliminates formaldehyde, gases, and odours.

Both air purifiers have four purification speeds. Users can set the purifier to smart mode via the control panel to purify the air based on the air quality condition. It is equipped with clever sensors that can detect odours, PM2.5 and PM1.0 particles, and the intuitive LCD display provides users with real-time air quality data.

acerpure pro (P2)

The acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) are capable of filling the house with a high concentration of negative ions, allowing them to catch ultrafine dust and PM1.0 particles. The acerpure Life smart app allows this to be pre-scheduled or conducted even when users are not at home. The new programme also monitors indoor air quality and automatically delivers notifications about indoor and outdoor air quality to users’ devices.

To improve air circulation, the new acerpure cool (C2) has a 10-speed setting that allows customers to select the pace that works best for them and distribute filtered, fresh air throughout their home without the necessity of an additional device.

acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) price and availability

The new acerpure series has an energy-efficient high-performance DC motor. It is also quieter; these acerpure can run at as low as 25dB, which is lower than the usual library sound level of 40dB. The new acerpure cool (C2) air-purifier and air circulator retails for RM1,599 and is available immediately at certain Acer official online stores, while the acerpure pro (P2) air-purifier retails for RM1,299. Below are the Acer official online stores you can purchase the new acerpure air purifiers from:

Acer Malaysia is running an exclusive launch campaign from December 7 to 14, 2021, in conjunction with the Christmas season and the introduction of the new acerpure series. During the promotion, acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) cost RM1,299 and RM1,099, respectively. Customers can also take home an acerpure cosy worth RM599 and purchase-with-purchase (PWP) HEPA filters for RM99.

At the same time, purchasers of the acerpure cool’s predecessor will receive RM400 off the discounted price of RM899, as well as PWP of the HEPA filter for RM99. While its brother, the acerpure comfortable air-circulator, is discounted by RM250 and ships with a complementary Acer umbrella. The acerpure cosy has 12 fan speed settings and can generate up to 15 metres of airflow with 90° up/down and 95° left/right oscillating direction adjustment.

For more information, head over to the official Acer Malaysia Facebook page or call Acer’s Product Infoline at 1800-88-1288 (9AM to 6PM, Mondays to Fridays), or email them at [email protected].

Pokdepinion: Considering getting the acerpure pro for my house. I have a lot of cats and the amount of dust and hair they kick up is absolutely nuts.