Furious Nintendo Switch players slam “PowerPoint” like N64 expansion pack – Dexerto

Furious Nintendo Switch players slam “PowerPoint” like N64 expansion pack – Dexerto

Nintendo has officially released the expansion pack for Nintendo 64 and Sega games to their Switch Online service, and fans are furious at the quality. 

When the company presented its news regarding the latest Animal Crossing updates back on October 15, it added a bit of extra information regarding the future of the Nintendo Switch Online service. They announced that for $50 more a year, players will be able to access games from the Nintendo 64 as well as the Sega Genesis.

Fans all over the world were furious at the announcement, claiming that Nintendo does not offer enough to make the extra cost worthwhile. Fans compared the cost of the service with the optional expansion pack to Xbox Game Pass, a service that offers hundreds of games to play as long as you’re subscribing.

Now that the pack has been released, players all over the world are complaining about poor performance on the N64 games, including input lag and music delay.


These are the N64 titles available at launch for Nintendo Online’s Expansion Pack.

Switch players furious at N64 expansion

Now that players have started to upgrade their online service, some players haven’t had the best of luck playing their favorite titles for a variety of reasons.

Twitter user ChrisVoiceman showed comparison photos of Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask on Nintendo 64 besides its Switch Online version, stating: “Apparently the Switch Online N64 emulator is really bad at capturing certain elements of the N64.”

Voiceman went on to explain that that Majora’s Mask would have been the game to get him to completely support the expansion pack. He said: “but given how much heavy lifting the atmosphere does in that game, I’m out.”

He’s not alone when it comes to issues with Zelda games either, as CLGaming speedrunner ZFG said Ocarina of Time was bad as well: “Holy s**t OoT on Switch is so bad it might actually be worse than WiiU VC”

Some players are also complaining about unstable network issues, despite having a solid internet connection, which causes games like Mario Kart 64 to skip and stutter.

Even though people are reporting problems with the online service, not everyone is having an issue. Should you decide to upgrade your plan, your experience may be different from others.

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