Express VPN Bug Bounty Program: $100,000 Reward Will Be Given For Anyone Who Can Hack its Systems – Tech Times

Express VPN Bug Bounty Program: $100,000 Reward Will Be Given For Anyone Who Can Hack its Systems – Tech Times

Express VPN is offering a one-time special bug bounty program for those who can hack its system. As a matter of fact, the company will award $100,000 cash for this lucky hacker who can infiltrate its network, according to the latest report.

ExpressVPN Bounty For the Hacker

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ExpressVPN is looking for someone who can hack its system. What’s good? The $100 k bounty that you can receive after cracking the code.

Since the VPN firm is known for its high-quality service to its customers, it is now testing the waters to see if its security measures are enough to safeguard the users’ privacy when browsing the open web.

According to a report by How to Geek, ExpressVPN wrote on its blog the simple mechanics in the bounty program. 

While the specifics are easy to comprehend, finding a “security-critical” bug and demonstrating it might not be an easy task to do. It has to be staged in TrustedServer, ExpressVPN’s VPN server technology.

With that, you might need to dive deep through the encryption tunnels of the system. On the other side, a hundred-thousand-dollar incentive is waiting for someone who can uncover and disclose the security flaws in the company’s software infrastructure.

In an email sent to another security news site Bleeping Computer, the firm stated that this existing bounty program is the “greatest” single bounty offered on the Bugcrowd system.

Moreover, it was believed to be ten times bigger than the previous reward that ExpressVPN handed out.

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Terms Under the Bug Bounty Program

In another article written by Tech Story on Friday, Feb. 11, the one-time reward of $100,000 is subjected to some terms. First, the participating individual should submit a legit security flaw that might expose the user’s data.

To add, ExpressVPN mentioned that the one-time bonus would remain active until the first person to hack the system gets the reward at that time. The restriction includes the operations that should only take place on the TrustedServer platform.

Tech Story included in its report that if you are doubtful about the scope of your test, you might want to send a message to [email protected] for validation.

In the meantime, the cybersecurity analysts and researchers who want to investigate IP leakage and activity monitoring among users might contact the company for more details.

Million-Dollar Bounty For ETH Bug Fix

In one of the most recent reports by Tech Times about cybersecurity, an ETH bug arose on the platform after Optimism discovered it. This notorious threat could replicate ETH on several accounts without limitations.

As for this bug, iOS jailbreak developer Jay Freeman managed to report this bug to Optimism, the team behind the ETH layer 2 scaling project. Later, he was awarded a $2 million bounty for his action.

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