Emporia schools to halt remote access starting Monday – Emporia Gazette

Emporia schools to halt remote access starting Monday – Emporia Gazette

The Emporia Public Schools District will halt remote learning access starting Monday, according to an email sent out to families Thursday afternoon. 

“The past two years have taught us the need to adjust and adapt with short notice,” the district said in a statement. “Once again, we find ourselves in a situation where adjustments need to be made.”

Last year, state legislators limited schools districts’ ability to offer and utilize remote access to instruction. Students must have an “temporary extenuating circumstance” to participate and local school boards must then approve the exception for each student. Students placed in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 have been offered this exception due to the time a student may miss school, as it goes beyond a typical illness or absence.

But now, due to the most recent guidance from Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Kansas State Department of Education guidance of a five day quarantine and isolation period, the district will pause remote access to instruction beginning Monday, Jan. 24. The last day for students to access remote instruction will be Friday, Jan. 21.

“This decision will be reevaluated in 30 days which aligns with the most recent guidance from KDHE and KSDE,” the district said. 

Beginning Monday, quarantines and isolates will be treated as an excused absence. 

“Special education staff and parents have worked together to complete Individual Education Plan amendments that include temporary plans for special education services delivered during the isolation/quarantine time,” the district said. “These temporary plans are no longer required based on the length of the excused absence and the discontinuation of remote access to classrooms/services for all students.”

Make-up work will be provided by the teacher in the same manner in which they approach all absences.

Excused absences entitle the student to make up missed work. Students are given one day to make up their work for each day of excused absence.

“Many teachers use Google Classroom which should have the most up-to-date work,” the district said. “We encourage students to complete their work in Google Classroom as they are able. Please reach out to your child’s teacher with questions. We appreciate your patience as we continue to adjust to KDHE and KSDE guidance.”

Source: http://www.emporiagazette.com/free/article_13e112a6-7a3f-11ec-94b3-932625fa75c9.html