EarthCam Full-Frame Time-Lapse Webcams – Construction Equipment

EarthCam Full-Frame Time-Lapse Webcams – Construction Equipment

August 27, 2021

EarthCam’s full-frame time-lapse webcams feature a 154 percent increase in resolution over previous versions, utilizing Sony’s Alpha cameras as key image creation components.

The new cameras added to the time-lapse line include the ultra-wide angle 61 MegapixelCam, and the 61 MegapixelCam Robotic, which adds a precision 360-degree pan/tilt base. Both cameras provide live video streaming for real-time progress monitoring and have exceptional resolution to provide a new level of detail for cost-effective time-lapse marketing. Other unique advantages of generating twice as much visual data are realized in the science of artificial intelligence. Higher resolution increases the accuracy of analytics, offering clear benefits in driving productivity and providing a safer, more secure job site, EarthCam says.

EarthCam Full-Frame Time-Lapse Webcams
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