Dr Khizer Ahmed, A Soaring Star, A Leading Entrepreneur In The Tech Industry – Outlook India

Dr Khizer Ahmed, A Soaring Star, A Leading Entrepreneur In The Tech Industry – Outlook India

What makes an aspiring individual with smart ideas create their imprint as a successful entrepreneur? Dr Khizer Ahmed, a technology Specialist, a certified Microsoft professional developer, the most influential entrepreneur of India and the founder and director of Digifinite Solutions Pvt Ltd believes that an entrepreneur is not born but rather he becomes one through his vision and insights.

Dr Khizer Ahmed did not become what he is today by simply thinking about a brighter and more sophisticated future. He went ahead, ventured out into the world, believed in his dreams and took action.

Digifinite Solutions Pvt Ltd previously known as Khizer Technologies Pvt Ltd was established from the struggle of a fresh college graduate Dr Khizer Ahmed. Although being a topper in his batch, when he got out of college, it was hard to get the job he aspired to. And after working in a job that did not nurture any value, he started Khizer Technologies Pvt Ltd in 2015. The company centralized focus on developing mobile apps, websites and digital marketing. The company’s main objective also happens to render fresh graduates fresh opportunities that resonate with their skills.

This valuable establishment has now witnessed astonishing growth and as Dr Khizer Ahmed himself says, priorities do not change, rather they expand. He aspires to grow Digifinite Solutions day by day for not just the company but the whole team and the employees.

Chatbaaz was yet another creation of Dr Khizer that turned out to be heavily successful while rendering concrete competition among the existing texting apps. Dr Khizer Ahmed has always been a man with an immensely positive vision. A man, who genuinely believes that life, is all about finding and exploring opportunities. His influential yet productive ambition to revolutionize the tech industry played a significant part in Dr Khizer Ahmed’s success story.

At this moment, Dr Khizer Ahmed and his team are working together in developing a significant matrimonial application called as Shubh Vivaah, which is set to launch this year. At the young age of just 32, Dr Ahmed is taking the tech industry by storm. He is the idol to young aspiring individuals out there. Without taking the necessary risks he says, one cannot expect to excel at their goals. A Bangalore based entrepreneur, Dr Khizer Ahmed is all set to create a legacy globally as well. He believes firmly that failure and success are nothing but creative steps in our never-ending learning process.

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