Do you want to play video games for a living? Here are five career ideas – TheXboxHub

Do you want to play video games for a living? Here are five career ideas – TheXboxHub


Most of us dream about turning our hobby into a full-time job and gamers are no exception. Since the pandemic, the video gaming industry has grown exponentially and the future is looking bright, which is great news for those hoping to turn gaming into a career. Although development plays a big part, there are many other options for those keen on playing video games for a living.  

A video game is like a long story – an interactive television series if you like. It features compelling characters with missions, a lot of world-building and is recognized as a highly creative field. If you are hoping to be a part of it, you, therefore, don’t need to be a coding genius: There are various routes.

1. Start your own video game company

If you are creative and have a knack for business, then starting your own company could be for you. This, of course, requires you to have a product to sell. Although video games are the obvious choice, it’s a competitive area that requires a lot of skills and it’s, therefore, worth exploring other options too, like selling gaming equipment, writing content, or providing consultation and training in the area. Tempted? The first step is to find the perfect name so you can start your own video game company and stand out.

2. Get paid to test video games ahead of their release

Every game needs quality assurance before it hits the market, and that’s why most big companies hire testers to play the new games until they are certain it has no unwanted bugs, glitches, and errors. To be successful at this, you need to be more than simply a decent gamer, you need to know how to take a game apart to find its flaws. Consider it a sort of surgery. A chance to diagnose and treat. 


3. Become a video game developer

Another option for gamers is to become a developer. This requires excellent math skills, creativity, determination, and, above all, the endurance to keep honing your skills day after day until you get the hang of it. On a positive note, many countries have a shortage and want to attract more talented gaming developers, which makes it a relatively profitable career path. 

4. Write scripts for video games

If you are a keen writer with a talent for coming up with believable characters and thrilling storylines, then you might want to work in the video game industry, which offers far more financial rewards for the average scriptwriter – but beware, the gameplay will always come first. Read interviews with experts to gain industry insight and prepare yourself for what’s to come. 

5. Be the voice behind your favorite character 

Budding actors who love the game can consider doing voice work for video games. Although you don’t play and develop the games, you are acting your way through every possible scenario with your fellow characters, which is great fun. Even better, with the industry growing at rapid speed there is bound to be a lot of work.