Considering a VPN? Here’s What to Look For – CGMagazine

Considering a VPN? Here’s What to Look For – CGMagazine

Life with a VPN makes things a lot easier, although if you choose the wrong one then you will be doing yourself a disservice. With so many options in the market, it can be confusing to understand what is actually necessary and what just comes with ‘extras’ that provide no real function. If you are about to choose a VPN, read this guide before you take the plunge so that you know what to look for and what attributes are going to be of the most value to you. 

High speed

Whether you intend to use a free VPN in Canada or Australia, speed should be at the top of your list. Given that most people use VPN’s for streaming and online group activities, speed is going to be critical. Sure, the connection you are working with also has a part to play, but look for information about the best VPN in Canada with configurations that support high speed. Whether you’re at home or travelling, don’t suffer slow VPN. 

Great accessibility

You are going to feel pretty foolish if you choose a VPN that provides poor accessibility… doesn’t that make it redundant? Take the time to understand where your VPN can operate and whether those countries are on your list of areas you want access to. Another consideration would be whether this VPN is going to be used when travelling or predominantly when you are at home. Even if you find a free VPN in Canada, if it doesn’t have good accessibility, it is of no use to you. If you want a VPN for Netflix, you want to know that region is an option. 

User experience

Nothing is worth enduring a poor user experience, and your VPN should be held to the same account. If the VPN is not easy to use then you might not feel compelled to use it as often and then you are not getting what you want from the VPN. Read some reviews and look for comments about functionality, as you don’t want to choose a VPN and then spend about ten minutes each time trying to get it ready to work. There are enough options out there so do not compromise on user experience.

Ongoing support

Regardless of how advanced you believe yourself to be online, tech support is always welcome. If your chosen VPN has no support then this is a bad sign and signals some pretty frustrating moments ahead. Think about those moments when nothing works and you just want a resolution right then and there. If there is no support system to turn to then you are just going to be looking for a new VPN all over again. 


Price is a personal consideration as we all have different income brackets, expectations for our VPN, and varied purposes for using one. There are free VPN options out there and there are priced options, so consider what the above points mean to you and find a VPN that meets your expectations. If you plan on using this daily, maybe a paid and reliable option is going to be more attractive.

It is also worth mentioning that reviews can be convoluted when you consider that someone has given a scathing review of a VPN that is very expensive and a glowing review for a free VPN in Canada – the paid one may still be light years better than the free one so context is key. 


Don’t rush the process of finding a new VPN and look at all the factors that are important to you. If you have friends and colleagues that are using one they like, ask to see it in motion and you might get a better sense of what you are after.