Celonis brings data intelligence to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS – TechRepublic

Celonis brings data intelligence to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS – TechRepublic

A partnership between Red Hat, IBM and Celonis has made another complicated piece of software into a managed service that makes getting actionable data easier than ever.

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Red Hat, in partnership with its parent company IBM and process management software company Celonis, has announced the availability of Celonis’ Execution Management System as a managed service nested inside another managed service: Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, also known as ROSA.

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If the idea of managed services nested inside managed services is confusing, don’t worry: The situation makes perfect sense if you understand what ROSA and Celonis EMS are. The former, ROSA, is a fully-managed, AWS-hosted version of Red Hat’s existing OpenShift containerization software. It’s entirely managed by Red Hat and AWS, and in true managed service tradition it’s billed in a pay-as-you-go manner and is designed to scale as users grow. 

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As Amazon describes it, “enterprise developers familiar with deploying their applications with OpenShift on-premises will be able to more quickly build and deploy applications in the AWS public cloud.” Red Hat further describes ROSA as a fully managed product backed by an enterprise class SLA, and AWS assures users that all essential functions, aside from a few administrative options, are available in the MSP version of ROSA.

Celonis EMS, on the other hand, is an intensely detailed data analytics platform that the company describes as “a full suite of apps to completely change the way your company runs.” 

Celonis EMS can digest data from a whole host of sources and hosts, like Salesforce, G Suite, Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAP and others. It runs the whole gamut from data collection to prescriptive analytics with the ultimate goal of providing insights, recommendations, and automation methods to streamline business processes. 

That’s a hefty piece of software, and any business considering running it would do well to consider a fully-hosted option. “Celonis EMS on ROSA enables enterprises to focus on business improvement processes while taking advantage of Kubernetes innovation to speed up time to value. The offering helps remove cloud infrastructure complexity as a challenge and provides flexible deployment options for customers,” Red Hat said in a press release. 

While generally available on AWS now, it won’t be remaining there as an exclusive partner. Red Hat said that it plans to bring Celonis EMS to Red Hat OpenShift on Mirosoft Azure, Google Cloud and “others” in the near future. 

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Red Hat VP for partner ecosystem products and technologies, Lars Herrmann, said that Red Hat’s open-source, cross-platform nature makes it an ideal host for SaaS tools like Celonis EMS. SaaS tools like Celonis EMS can suffer as businesses reach cloud maturity and settle into specific environments, Herrmann said, which can leave valuable business insights delivered by analytics software outside the walled garden. That’s not an issue with a fully-managed instance of OpenShift. “This enhances the customer experience while fostering vendor innovation as they can now focus on core offerings without dealing with the underlying architectural complexities,” Herrmann said.

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