Essential Things You Must Look at Before Traveling Abroad –

Where are you planning on spending your time this holiday? Do you think you are ready for that trip of a lifetime?

Whether it’s about studying abroad, visiting family, or having the most fabulous time of your life, the preparation you do before traveling plays a significant role in your traveling experience. To ensure you have the best traveling experience this holiday, here are ess…….

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Reading William Rivers Pitt Was Like Traveling. I’ll Miss the Journey. – Truthout

William Rivers Pitt was a wordsmith extraordinaire. However, he wasn’t a pundit or predictable analyst. Will’s mighty writing was more prophetic than commonplace, more storytelling than think piece.

I knew Will as an editor and colleague for many years at Truthout, I considered him a friend for even longer, and I always learned something from his columns. Yes, there was his regular …….

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30 Experienced Travelers Share What ‘Traveling Tips’ Aren’t Worth It To Even Try – Bored Panda

Don’t drink the tap water. Don’t eat the street food. Don’t carry too much cash. Don’t walk alone at night. Don’t stay too close to the city center. Don’t carry a bag that someone could grab from you. And don’t speak to strangers. 

When it comes to traveling, everyone has their own personal commandments that they would never break. But we’re not all looking for the same…….

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Meet the adventurous couple behind ‘Traveling While Black’ –

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When Anthony and Marlie Love moved to Seattle in 2019, they had many out-of-state family and friends come and visit that summer. But as summer came to an end, and their stream of visitors slowed down, they realized they still wanted to keep exploring their new home.

And so, Traveling While Black was born.

Inspired by The Green Book, a travel guide for Black tourists in t…….

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