Physicians and Technology: A Blessing or a Curse? – HIT Consultant

David Lundquist, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Augmedix

Burnout is a growing situation that has been slowly undermining the productivity of physicians and their staff. And in recent years, it’s gotten worse as demands from patients, documentation, and regulatory requirements increase.

Adding to the situation are challenges related to added technology, the need to be virtual and to meet pati…….

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Biden-Harris Administration Announces $160 Million Available for Smart Transportation Technology that Helps Americans Get More Out of Their Infrastructure | FHWA – Federal Highway Administration

New SMART and ATTAIN Programs Support Innovation that Advances American Competitiveness, Fights Climate Change, Improves Safety and Helps Americans Save Time and Money

WASHINGTON- The U.S. Department of Transportation announced today that it is accepting applications for two programs that will make approximately $160 million available annually for the next five years f…….

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Weekend Doctor: Interruptions by technology – Bluffton Icon

By Caitlin TullyThe Center for Family Safety and HealingNationwide Children’s Hospital*

Balancing the demands of caregiving with other life responsibilities is challenging for many parents. Many things need our attention, and we can be easily distracted by a phone alert or lose track of time scrolling through social media. Many parents’ lives have become even more digitally connected…….

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Technology Integration in Today’s K–12 Classrooms – EdTech Magazine: Focus on K-12

Now that many students have devices and access to technology, educators and school leaders must work to narrow the digital divide through equity of use. If students aren’t exposed to technology and taught how to use it, they will fall behind their peers.

“Educators should make sure logging in is a really easy, smooth process,” Highfill says. “Once I get everyone logged in, the …….

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