Human rights activists seek moratorium on spyware – Axios

A coalition of human rights groups called Wednesday for a moratorium on the use of spyware, saying that tools such as NSO Group’s Pegasus threaten democracy itself by allowing the monitoring and suppression of political dissent.

Driving the news: “Spyware kills. Spyware silences. Spyware imprisons.” Amnesty international Secretary General Agnes Callamard said in a press conference on the …….

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Predator spyware sold with Chrome, Android zero-day exploits to monitor targets – The Register

Spyware vendor Cytrox sold zero-day exploits to government-backed snoops who used them to deploy the firm’s Predator spyware in at least three campaigns in 2021, according to Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG).

The Predator campaigns relied on four vulnerabilities in Chrome (CVE-2021-37973, CVE-2021-37976, CVE-2021-38000 and CVE-2021-38003) and one in Android (CVE-2021-1048) to infect…….

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Education Spyware Purveyor Uses Lawsuit As Excuse To Sling Subpoena At One Of Its Most Vocal Critics – Techdirt

from the ‘look,-Proctorio-would-just-prefer-they-shut-up’ dept

Remote test-taking spyware company Proctorio has spent months turning itself into an internet villain. It all started when student and security researcher Erik Johnson decided to take a look at the inner workings of Proctorio’s spyware, noting that it tracked everything from eye movement to mouse movement (with plenty…….

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