Wednesday letters: Government separation, 2C support, Couey support, Frisch support, Oscar remembered – Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Separation of church, state important

One of the primary reasons our Founding Fathers established a separation between church and state was to avoid the centuries of religious wars that had embroiled Europe, primarily around Christianity. The split between Catholic and Protestant branches caused some of the most brutal wars, including civil wars, even as recently as Northern Ireland.<…….

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Egypt: parliamentary question asked about faith group separation in schools – Middle East Monitor

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Source: <a rel="nofollow" href="…….

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Debris Separation –

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (Oct. 1, 2022) – Recovery efforts are underway in response to Hurricane Ian in Charlotte County. Clearing and removing disaster debris is a major part of the recovery effort. Charlotte County Public Works asks for the resident’s cooperation to properly separate your storm debris by category and adhere to the recycling program guidelines.

It is the home an…….

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WR Kendrick Bourne could help New England Patriots create more downfield separation in Week 2 – New England Patriots Blog- ESPN – ESPN

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — New England Patriots receivers didn’t create above-average downfield separation in their season-opening 20-7 loss to the Miami Dolphins — an issue that dates back to last season.

That is one of several things that must change Sunday against the host Pittsburgh Steelers (1 p.m. ET, CBS) if the Patriots want to avoid slipping into an 0-2 hole.

One obvious quick…….

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On Constitution Day, celebrate the separation of powers – Washington Examiner

Each Sept. 17, Americans celebrate Constitution Day, commemorating the date in 1787 that 39 founders signed the newly drafted Constitution in Philadelphia. On June 21, 1788, the Constitution became the governing framework of the United States when New Hampshire became the ninth of the 13 states to ratify it.

The Bill of Rights, comprised of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, …….

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How Yankees pitchers create separation in their pitches’ movement profiles – Pinstripe Alley

If I had the ability to play in MLB, I’d be a pitcher (probably a reliever since I’m a bit unhinged to begin with). Don’t get me wrong; offense is fun, sluggers are cool, and it’s been said that a certain demographic digs the long ball. However, there are particular aspects of pitching that appeal to my hard science background and analytical lens through which I choose to…….

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