Blake Lively Slams Paparazzi as She Shares New Pregnancy Photos – Parade Magazine

Blake Lively is known for being candid and authentic, and her most recent social media post is another example of why people love her so much.

Recently, the actress announced that she is expecting a fourth child with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. While this should be a time for celebrating (and relaxing), it looks like the paparazzi and publications have irritated Lively with their earnest…….

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Your Guide To The Trimesters Of Pregnancy – Forbes

The First Trimester

The first trimester, lasting one to 13 weeks, begins at the start of your last period and ends after the thirteenth week of pregnancy. If implantation occurs, you can often receive a positive pregnancy test result the day of your missed period, or about 14 days after conception. However, pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) can sometimes be de…….

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Pregnancy Style Has Never Been More High Fashion – The Zoe Report

“This is my plus one,” says Adriana Lima to a crew of photographers and points to her pregnant belly. She’s in Cannes for a red carpet tour de force of Chopard jewels, Cavalli gowns, and no less than 10 fan accounts tracking her every wardrobe change. She’s also becoming a new kind of icon — “bump forward,” as the nascent high-fashion pregnancy style industry would say — thanks …….

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Medicaid Pregnancy Care Varies Widely by State – The Pew Charitable Trusts

The pregnancy-related health care services provided under Medicaid vary significantly by state, a new survey has found.

The differences matter greatly because Medicaid finances over 40% of births in the United States—more in some states—and two-thirds of births by Black and Alaskan Native people. In recent years, policymakers have paid increasing attention to the higher rate…….

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