‘I make PowerPoint presentations, but basic teachings remain the same’ – The Week

Q/ What defines the Mahdi Bagh Institution, and on what principles was it founded?

A/ There is a Quran verse—unfortunately used only during bereavements or sad times: ‘To God we belong, and to him do we return’. This signifies the purpose of our existence.

We believe that God mercifully sent a series of prophets and books of revelations. We believe that throughout history,…….

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How to Highlight Part of an Image in Microsoft PowerPoint – How-To Geek

Images are common components in slideshows, adding visual flair to your presentations. So, what if you have a picture with a spot you want to focus on? With a little editing, you can highlight part of an image in PowerPoint.

It might be the face of your company or mission, a product on the store shelf, or a handshake showing a good business relationship. Whatever it is you want …….

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How to Animate a Still Slide Background in Microsoft PowerPoint – How-To Geek

It’s easy to improve the appearance of your Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow by including an attractive background. You might use a color, gradient, or pattern, or insert an image. Another way to make your background appealing is by animating it.

If you use Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac, you have the option to animate a still slide background. This adds subtle movement to the imag…….

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