Is it time our health system embraced Natural Medicines? – Tonight on INSIGHT – TV Blackbox

The number of traditional and natural medicines used by Australians is among the highest in the world.

However, general practitioners and the conventional healthcare system frequently do not recognise them.

This week Insight questions patients and medical professionals to find out if natural medicines should be integrated into conventional medicine and whether or not the two …….

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Integrating Natural Medicines: The Therapeutic Goods Administration statement – SBS News

Insight contacted the TGA in regards to the episode, Integrating Natural Medicines. A spokesperson from the TGA provided Insight with the below statement.What response does the TGA have to critics who say the organisation does not place enough emphasis on efficacy when approving a product?The Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) regulatory framework is established under an Act of Parliament …….

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Study looking at how natural medicines treat long COVID –

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to long COVID but a national study is trying to figure out if natural medicines work to help patients get better and they are looking for Marylanders to enroll.

“Our natural medicine of homeopathy can provide relief to patients. I’ve seen it clinically. I’ve seen my long COVID patients improve and I know I can help …….

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