A Microsoft Office 365 Feature Could Help Ransomware Hackers Hold Cloud Files Hostage – The Hacker News

A “dangerous piece of functionality” has been discovered in Microsoft 365 suite that could be potentially abused by a malicious actor to ransom files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive and launch attacks on cloud infrastructure.

The cloud ransomware attack makes it possible to launch file-encrypting malware to “encrypt files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive in a way that makes them unre…….

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Get the entire Microsoft Office suite for just $49, no subscription required – TechSpot

Office productivity software is just that, software for getting work done. And in the realm of productivity there may be options, but none are better than Microsoft Office. The industry standard for over 30 years, right now you can get the full Office Professional suite, that is, a lifetime license for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote for just $49.99. Pay once and you are d…….

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Buy Microsoft Office Professional for Windows for $80 – Engadget

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We can attribute much of Microsoft’s recent financial success to its Office suite, which illustrates how the software series has become an integral part of the modern computing experience. However, the entire collection can be pricey, and paying fo…….

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Unlock The Full Power Of Microsoft Office With This Mac Bundle – Black Enterprise

With a worldwide paradigm shift in ideas for the workplace and the classroom, now, more than ever, professionals and students have turned their respective dwellings into workspaces. The work-from-home and schooling-from-home trends continue to rise in popularity as more people are adopting remote life full-time.

With The Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle + Lifetime License …….

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