Using Meditation in Pediatric Medicine – The Epoch Times

A neuroscientist explains how meditation may help treat children suffering from traumas, difficult diagnoses, or other stressors

Children actively meditating experience lower activity in parts of the brain involved in rumination, mind-wandering, and depression, our team found in the first brain-imaging study of people younger than 18 years old. Over-activity in this collection of brain re…….

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OPINION: Meditation — the forgotten key to a healthy life – N.C. State University Technician Online

If someone asked you to imagine what it looks like to live a healthy life, what would you picture? A balanced diet, exercise, fresh air and regular checkups with a doctor? This is a typical response, but it fails to encapsulate all the habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. One of the most underutilized tactics to achieve a sound mind and body …….

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Huge response to Sunday meditation session at Buddhavanam – The Hindu

Meditation sessions organised at Buddhavanam, Nagarjunasagar, on Sunday in association with the local Dhamma Nagarjuna International Vipassana Centre drew an overwhelming response.

The first session, with a group of 70 participants from different parts of the State, began at 12 noon under the guidance of dhammacharyas of the vipassana centre through audio instructions by Satyanarayana Goe…….

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How meditation could change the brain – CNN

“You’re not only aware of your body; you’re aware of your surroundings and your world,” she added. “It forces you to pay attention to life (rather) than get caught up in your head with anxious thoughts, worries and ruminating about the future.”

Meditation, a practice of mindfulness, doesn’t have a single universal definition. But as interest in mindfulness and meditation has grown, it has b…….

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Commentary: Shedding stubbornness for more ‘Meditation’ | Chanhassen Opinion – SW News Media

When I was 7 years old, I watched my older sister begin learning the violin. Like any younger sibling, I was immediately set on doing the same, believing I could replicate her awe-inspiring image if I picked up the instrument myself.

My parents stayed reasonably hesitant for a while, but eventually gave in to my begging. They agreed to start taking me to l…….

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