For Fertility, Marriage Still Matters – GlobeNewswire

Charlottesville, Virginia, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Date: October 6, 2022Contact: Michael Toscano

(Charlottesville, VA)—While public opinion polls show that fewer people believe parents need to be married to procreate, a new report from the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) and the Wheatley Institute finds that marriage still matters for fertility. In fact, marital b…….

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Why do I pick fights with my husband? Because I want a happy marriage – The Guardian

I want to get better at arguing. Not the bitter, exhausting kind that happens online, and not the kind that occurs when you put two French people in a room and within 90 seconds one of them is quoting Montaigne and the other has countered with Immanuel Kant, even though they are talking about, say, low-energy lightbulbs (about which neither of them previously had an opinion)…….

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Italian man proposes marriage over supermarket checkout mic – Arab News

WASHIGNTON: Polar bears face an existential threat from the rapid decline of Arctic sea ice, which they rely on as platforms to hunt seals.But in a new study, scientists have identified an isolated subpopulation of polar bears in Southeast Greenland that instead make use of freshwater ice pouring into the ocean from the region’s glaciers, suggesting this particular habitat is less susceptib…….

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