A new threat from China faces Taiwan’s military: Trolls with drones – CNN

Dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts, shorts and sandals, and chatting jovially in Mandarin as they hunch over a controller and screen, it’s hard to believe they could be up to anything shady — until one of them shouts excitedly, “I got a tank!”

But these men aren’t playing a computer game. They are flying drones over a military site on a nearby Taiwan-controlled island.

The 15-…….

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How Drones Are Helping Save Lives in the Ukraine War – Fstoppers

In our profession, we think of every piece in our gear closet as designed to take pictures. If you were assigned to walk into your gear closet and redesign one piece for the purpose of saving human lives, what would you create? North American company Dranganfly has taken drones and has created gear that is used in new ways for smarter and safer warfare.

Draganfly has been developing ad…….

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Flytrex drones deliver ice cream to North Carolina, Texas – Fast Company

Drone delivery company Flytrex announced its new partnership today with The Ice Cream Shop, Unilever’s first online-only shop, offering ice cream delivery straight from the sky to residents in North Carolina and Texas.

After placing an order through the Flytrex app, users can expect to receive packages of ice cream in their front or back yard, “delivered with a flight time of under th…….

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