Lymphatic Drainage: Does it Work? And How to Do It Yourself – The New York Times

Scroll through TikTok and Instagram for long enough and you’ll likely find someone scraping, brushing or massaging their skin in pursuit of better health or an enhanced appearance. Testimonies abound — about body scraping to loosen stiff limbs, gua sha for a sculpted jawline, vibrating facial massagers to reduce puffiness, dry brushing for “detoxing.” Such po…….

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Doctors warn against ‘Do It Yourself’ baby formula amid ongoing shortage – ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix

Melissa Matthew has a set schedule for feeding her five children, all under the age of five.

Including her 5-month-old triplets who eat every two hours.

But feeding her newborn children has turned into a reoccurring nightmare for Melissa and her husband.

When Abbott Laboratories shut down because of FDA recalls, the plant decreased formula production in the U.S. It’s now looki…….

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Don’t Do It Yourself: The Benefits of Hiring an Airbnb or Vacation Rental Manager – Hudson Valley Style Magazine

You’ve spent time researching which vacation rental sites are best and have finally made the decision to start renting out your property while you’re away. The next step is managing your Airbnb or vacation rental business, but if you haven’t hired the right company to handle this work for you, you may find yourself overwhelmed with dealing with guests, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, a…….

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