As countries try to attract digital nomads, locals say ‘not so fast’ – Fast Company

Should your community welcome digital nomads—individuals who work remotely—allowing them the freedom to bounce from country to country?

Our research has found that workers are eager to embrace the flexibility of not being tied to an office. And after experiencing economic losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cities and countries are concocting ways to entice visitors.

One idea i…….

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Lithuania: Digital nomads work alongside nuns at this peaceful co-working hub – Euronews

Digital nomads in Lithuania have the unique opportunity to make a spectacular historic monument their next office.

As remote working and workcations remain popular, professionals can work alongside nuns in a stunning 300-year-old monastery.

Pažaislis Monastery – try remote working in an iconic monastery

Lithuania’s Pažaislis Monastery is one of the world’s only monaste…….

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