How Healthy Diets Like the Mediterranean Diet Help Protect Brain Health – Healthline

A new study finds that across different races and ethnicities, the metabolites from healthier diets may help protect brain health. Diet is an important source of many metabolites, which can be markers of various aspects of our health. Past research has found that certain metabolites — including lipids, amino acids, and steroids — are linked with cognitive decline and dementia.

New research …….

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4 Popular Diets That Don’t Actually Work, Say Dietitians — Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

There always seems to be a new diet coming out of the woodworks that will claim to help you lose weight. While some may actually get the job done, others fall flat and leave you with questions as to what went wrong. In some instances, diets will work in a short period of time. However, in the long run, you’re left gaining the weight back that you worked so hard to ta…….

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The 9 Best Commercial Diets of 2022 – Healthline

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Whether you’re trying to improve your cholesterol levels, stabilize your blood sugar levels, or reach and maintain a moderate weight, there are countless diet plans and programs available online claiming that they can he…….

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Fitness Facts: Are plant-based diets overhyped or worthwhile? – GCU Today

By Emily OrvosCampus Registered Dietitian

Have you ever walked into the grocery store and noticed how many plant-based alternatives to animal products are available? You can replace meat, milk, cheese, yogurt and even eggs with a plant-based option.

With so many alternative options, it’s natural to ask yourself, “Should I be eating plant-based?” This is something I get asked…….

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Low-carb diets persist despite scientific findings of grains’ nutrition –

Consumer perception of what’s good for them and what’s not fails to line up with what scientists have discovered and what science continues to learn about the place grains and carbohydrates have in the diet. Even now, despite consumers’ renewed interest in baked goods, low-carb persists. In today’s iteration, the baking industry contends with the keto diet and demand for baked goods tha…….

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