Cowboys 2021 penalty problem more about how they played than discipline – Blogging The Boys

The 2021 Thanksgiving game against the Las Vegas Raiders is memorable. But that game was not memorable due to the outcome. You likely remember that matchup as the week where both teams combined for 28 penalties for 276 yards. One of the 28 was an Anthony Brown pass interference that allowed Daniel Carlson to knock through the game-winner.

But this game was sym…….

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Cowboys no longer have several players who are the most expensive players – Blogging The Boys

It feels like yesterday when the Dallas Cowboys had one of the most expensive players at every position in the NFL. Okay, so maybe not every position, but many of them. From quarterback, running back, and wide receiver, to multiple spots on the offensive line, the team has shoveled out some healthy cash. They’ve also paid premium money for an edge rusher and even a linebacker i…….

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Live Blogging from Serenade of the Seas in Alaska – Preamble – Royal Caribbean Blog

Not only is my next live blog ready to go live, but I’ll be headed to Alaska for the first time since 2018.

After taking my first Alaska cruise in 2018, I instantly knew I wanted to return.  We had plans to do so in 2020 and 2021, but Covid and family obligations cancelled those.  Nonetheless, this is the year we’re headed back!

This is an opportunity to not only cruise to Alaska,…….

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13 Platforms for Blogging – Practical Ecommerce

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to establish expertise within an industry and drive traffic to your website. There are a variety of platforms available to launch and manage a blog at little or no expense.

Here is a list of platforms to launch a blog. There are content management systems to create a blog and full-featured website. There are also minimalist blogging too…….

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