19 of Our Best Savory Baking Recipes – Epicurious

Sometimes I experience an intense desire to bake, but the last thing I want is a cookie or a slice of cake. That’s when savory baking recipes come in handy—and they pay off in the form of crisp, cheesy puff pastry or warm, fluffy biscuits slathered with butter. Here you’ll find a few of our favorite savory baking ideas, including easy three-ingredient whole wheat crackers, tangy sourdough…….

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Review: The Made In Baking Slab—Is It a Must for Bakers? – Taste of Home

Your kitchen is full of cookie sheets and cake pans, but do you have a baking slab in your cupboard? Find out what this new piece of bakeware is (and why you just might need it for better bakes).

When it comes to bakeware, I thought I had tried it all. I have an assortment of metal, glass and ceramic pans and a serious Bundt pan collection to prove it. But then I saw it, a brand …….

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