Can cheaper air purifiers handle Delhi’s “severe quality air pollution level? – BGR India

Can cheaper air purifiers handle Delhi’s “severe quality air pollution level? – BGR India

With the air quality index (AQI) level rising every passing day, people living in the northern part of the country are gasping for breath. To beat the “poor” and “severe” air pollution level, consumers nowadays are panic buying air purifiers for their homes and rooms with the hope that their lungs will be less impacted.

Speaking to, Tarun Pathak, Research Director/Telecom Analyst said that the air purifier market is growing at a massive scale at this time of the year. Sharing some numbers, Pathak said that the air purifier market is expected to grow at “33 percent this year with 2/3rd of the sales happening around this time of the year.”

Raghu Reddy, CBO, Xiaomi India agrees with the growth of air purifier sales and said in an email statement shared with, with deteriorating air quality across major cities in India, the company has “witnessed a strong demand for air purifiers in the market with the onset of winter and the alarming smog situation acting as a catalyst.”

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Interestingly, Reddy also highlighted that “the growing preferences for health and wellness products have resulted in significant growth over the last two years.”

Can affordable air purifiers handle Delhi’s pollution?

Pathak further said that people are largely buying air purifiers worth around Rs 10,000 price range in the country. There are several renowned brands like Xiaomi, Realme, among others available in the market that offer affordable air purifiers. But the question is — do these purifiers actually work? Are these able to handle the severe AQI level that Delhi NCR regions are covered with?

As per Pathak, air purifiers with High Efficiency Particle Arrestance (HEPA) filters work the best for locations like Delhi as they can trap even the smallest of dust particles. In most instances, the cheaper air purifiers are designed to handle basic pollution level, and not the severe AQI level that’s covering the capital and adjacent states at the time.

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There are a few affordable purifiers with HEPA filters from brands like Xiaomi, Philips, Voltas, and some others. But most purifiers around the price of Rs 10,000 do not come with HEPA filters, which makes it irrelevant for locations like Delhi, Noida, Haryana, and adjacent cities. To beat such a severe pollution level, one must spend a little extra money and buy an expensive air purifier packed with technologies such as HEPA filters and more.

A lot needs to be considered before purchasing an air purifier. The purchase of an air purifier depends on a lot of factors, the filter is one of the key criterias. The other factors to keep in mind at the time of buying an air purifier are — the size of the room, price, after-sales service, among others.