Calm Acquires Ripple Health Group for Mental Health Purposes, Still to Focus on Caregiving Health Tech – Tech Times

Calm Acquires Ripple Health Group for Mental Health Purposes, Still to Focus on Caregiving Health Tech – Tech Times

Calm successfully acquired health tech company Ripple Health Group in its recent deal that would merge both health tech providers as one entity. The famous meditation app will make Ripple Health Group’s assets focus more on its mental health ventures that will be the subsequent expansion of its assets and services to those that need it. 

Calm Acquires Ripple Health Group: Health Tech Expansion Coming

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Calm buys Ripple Health Group in the latest acquisition and merger that would put both companies to focus on health tech for people. Ripple will replace Calm for Business and focus on mental health services.

Calm announced that it acquired Ripple Health Group, and last Wednesday, February 2, the deal completed its process and made the news official. Ripple said that the buyout takes control of the entire company, handing over the reins to Calm to replace its current CEO and restructuring the business’ structure. 

David Ko, the former Ripple Health Group CEO, will join Michael Acton Smith, co-CEO of Calm, to lead the company in future ventures. Former co-CEO and founder of Calm, Alex Tew, will now serve as an executive chairman in the company’s board. 

The acquisition will merge both companies, and it aims to bring better health tech ventures in the future. 

Ripple’s team will replace the former Calm for Business venture that focuses on what it brings. 

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Calm to Use Ripple for Mental Health Ventures

However, more plans are coming to Calm and Ripple’s way with this merger. 

Both health tech companies will focus on expanding their mental health offers on the app, bringing more services and assistance for people who use it. 

Health Tech in the World Today

Health Tech today is now in mobile applications and the so-called telehealth, which got an acceleration thanks to COVID-19. It is widely known that the pandemic put people in lockdowns and restrictions, forcing them to resort to their smartphones to live their lives, including that of interpersonal experiences via social media platforms. 

People also resorted to apps to buy groceries and schedule different appointments for cars, salons, parties, and even visiting the doctor. 

Calm is one of the most popular meditation apps in the world today, and it helps in giving people reminders, tips, and tricks to help them achieve the “zen” that they look for in the world. The company is also suitable for mental health, and many reviews from users regard Calm for its features for helping in sleep and other relaxing features. 

The expansion of Calm only suggests that health tech is the future, and its partnership with the Ripple Health Group would help make its growth a reality soon. The world is evolving, and so do the apps that help in making people’s lives easier and better. 

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