BroadReach Group Announces US Launch of Vantage Health Technologies to Address Health Inequities and Improve Health Outcomes – PRNewswire

BroadReach Group Announces US Launch of Vantage Health Technologies to Address Health Inequities and Improve Health Outcomes – PRNewswire

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BroadReach Group, a global social enterprise with nearly two decades of experience combining technology innovation with deep healthcare expertise, today announced the U.S. launch of Vantage Health Technologies (Vantage), a provider of cloud-based solutions for payers, providers, and government health organizations. Vantage enables healthcare organizations to address complex challenges around health equity, through AI-driven solutions — going beyond dashboards to guide next best actions to optimize resources and deliver better health outcomes.

Increasingly the U.S. is focusing on disparities driven by unequal access to quality healthcare. Many organizations are developing dashboards to address health equity. The challenge is healthcare professionals must log into a system, run analytics, interpret measures, derive actions, and direct staff before anything happens. Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and Outlook and hosted on Azure, Vantage AI empowers healthcare professionals by delivering individualized insights and suggested next best actions. 

Vantage is already supporting a variety of U.S. clients with AI solutions that enable health organizations and their teams to be more efficient and effective in delivering better, more equitable health outcomes, such as:

  • Identifying at-risk or underserved communities to improve community-level COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution.
  • Assessing provider coding practices that lead to incomplete medical histories, Medicare reporting that affect patient care and Medicare reimbursement.
  • Identifying and managing social factors affecting the health of members of Native American tribal communities to better target social programs and investments.
  • Predicting and assessing avoidable emergency room visits to drive patients to more appropriate and cost-effective modes of care.   

“‘Dashboards don’t do the work, people do,” states Dr. John Sargent, BroadReach Group co-founder and health tech pioneer. “We see a future of work in healthcare where health professionals can go beyond the dashboards to be guided by next best actions to improve patient care and outcomes.”

“The entire health ecosystem has long struggled with disparate sources of data that often don’t offer clear guidance or next steps for care,” said Christopher A. LeGrand, BroadReach Group CEO. “To transform healthcare, organizations need real-time access to integrated knowledge and decision-making capability, which is why we developed Vantage. By ensuring the right people make the right decisions at the right time, we’re able to consistently recommend the correct course of action, contributing to optimized use of resources and improved health outcomes.”

Vantage’s U.S. launch supports payers, providers, and government entities focused on underserved populations; including Medicaid, Medicare, and Native American communities. Vantage leverages healthcare organizations’ data, enriched with public and proprietary social determinants of health and other data sources to identify and address systemic disparities and inefficiencies impacting quality, cost, and outcomes. Vantage assesses both clinical and social factors affecting healthcare: including access to healthy foods, housing, transportation, and health literacy. 

“Health systems still have untapped potential that can only be unlocked through pairing data with human experience,” said Dr. Ernest Darkoh, BroadReach Group co-founder. “We’re already uncovering ways providers and payers can be more effective.”

Vantage Health Technologies draws on the nearly 20 years of healthcare delivery within the BroadReach Group to create directly relevant solutions for healthcare clients. Vantage solutions have been successfully implemented on a global scale to support equitable health access for thousands of health workers and millions of people. For example, Vantage has supported programs over the past eight years which have accounted for nearly 10% of the world’s HIV population’s care. During the early COVID-19 outbreak, Vantage’s AI predicted hotspots so resources could be proactively mobilized across a catchment population of 15 million.

Vantage Health Technologies is actively seeking partners for collaboration. For more information, visit

About Vantage Health Technologies
Vantage Health Technologies provides personalized solutions for health organizations. The Vantage platform goes beyond dashboards, providing next best actions to payers and providers to improve outcomes, decrease costs, and optimize resources. Vantage Health Technologies believes that data alone cannot solve the world’s most complex health challenges; it also requires a deep understanding of the social, cultural, and economic context in which people live. Vantage Health Technologies is part of BroadReach Group. For more information, visit and

About BroadReach Group
BroadReach Group is a global social enterprise that harnesses health technology and innovation to empower human action. It brings nearly two decades of deep healthcare expertise combined with world-class technology solutions to help organizations deliver better health outcomes, improved efficiency of scarce healthcare resources, cost savings, enhanced organizational performance, and more sustainable health systems. BroadReach delivers this value through two businesses. BroadReach Health Development delivers digitally-enabled implementation management and technical assistance services to address the world’s most complex health challenges. Vantage Health Technologies delivers solutions for health organizations and their teams on its AI Vantage platform.

Health equity is the founding principle of the BroadReach Group. Since 2003 BroadReach has worked in more than 30 countries to support governments, international NGOs, public and private sector to improve health outcomes for populations in need.

The Group was founded by Drs. John Sargent and Ernest Darkhoh, who have since gone on to be awarded World Economic Forum’s 2015 Social Entrepreneurs of the Year and 2021 Microsoft Humans in AI, were also previously awarded Time Magazine Healthcare Hero and named in Devex 40 under 40. For more information, visit

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