Beyond death in video games – Market Research Telecast

Beyond death in video games – Market Research Telecast

The day of the dead has already passed, but death It is a fundamental element in our day to day in the video game. Every day that we play the dreaded Game Over screen may appear and initiate a process of death and resurrection that is inherent in the nature of the video game, although some studies have managed to take this mechanic one step further for the sake of playing with our perceptions and give us something to remember.

In this video we review some interesting cases in which the mechanics of die and resurrect it has its own and unforgettable air. Games like Soul Reaver, with its parallel mechanics of two worlds where death was only the beginning of an adventure of resurrection and revenge. Or Zombie U, an original Wii U game in which players who were victims of a zombie apocalypse could turn into the undead to torment their fellow survivors.

Death and resurrection

We also reviewed original screens and endgame sequences, an annoying but important part of some of our favorite video games. It always hurts to die and have to start over, especially if our saved game was far away and we have to play again for hours, or more when it is not a game of charges and death means starting over. But jA place without risk of dying would not be excitingWho wants to always be playing god mode? Being a necessary part, some studios like Rare “gifted” their players with memorable endgame screens, which are part of the good memories that their great classics awaken.

We started. And remember, death is always with us until the end.


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