WineInk: There’s a new list in town: Las Montañas Wine Program – The Aspen Times

A selection of wines shines on a summer day on the patio of the newly opened Las Montañas in the space formerly occupied by Jimmy’s.Las Montañas

If you follow the Aspen restaurant scene, then you likely know there is a new kid in town. The much-anticipated opening of Las Montañas, the latest Aspen creation of Austin, Texas-based MML Hospitality, took place last wee…….

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9 Lesser-Known Wine Regions You Should Visit Around The World – TravelAwaits

There are so many wine-growing regions around the world that it’s hard to keep track of them all. From Napa Valley in California to Bordeaux in France, wine lovers have plenty of options when it comes to planning their next vacation. But, what about the lesser-known wine regions?

These areas are often overlooked but offer some of the most unique and delicious wines in the world. They …….

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How To Decode A Wine Label – Tasting Table

It might seem that the biggest factor in ascertaining the quality and value of a wine is its vintage or year of harvest. After all, vintage Champagne is a prestigious product, and it seems as though Bordeaux wines are always referred to by year. Besides indicating the age of a bottle, in some cases, vintage can provide relevant information about a wine.

<p dir="lt…….

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Sardinia’s Eclectic Wine Regions—The North – Forbes

This is the first of two articles about various wine regions on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

Wine is produced throughout the island of Sardinia, with many regions having features that create unique vintages. Yet be wary: maps of Sardinia’s wine regions appear at times inconsistent—showing patches of agricultural terrain varying in size and title. Deciphering them, however, …….

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Wines of the San Juan’s Tempranillo draws raves at French event – Farmington Daily Times

The French tasting was put together by Michelle Padberg, the owner and sommelier at the Vivac Winery in Dixon.Wines of the San Juan’s Tempranillo, a Spanish varietal, was served at the event.The wine is made from grapes grown near Deming.

FARMINGTON − New Mexico may not be regarded as America’s premier wine-producing state. But it’s an up-and-coming region, and it won’t be l…….

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