Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba prove cool watches don’t have to cost the world – British GQ

For a quiet summer week, there has been a lot to see on the wrists of celebs, whether it’s Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba getting papped while out in carefully curated too-casual fits or off-duty F1 stars having a good time. And we start with a surprising musical number from everyone’s favourite Billions star strumming his guitar…

Damien Lewis wears a vintage Rolex Air-King

Damien Lew…….

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Monsoonal moisture returns to Colorado Monday, sparking flood watches – Denver 7 Colorado News

UPDATE | For the latest updates on this storm, see Denver7’s live blog here.

DENVER — Long periods of rain on Monday will increase the risk of flash floods for parts of eastern Colorado, including recent burn scar areas and the Front Range.

Sunshine and temperatures in the 80s will give way to scattered and slow-moving storms by the afternoon.

The following aler…….

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Crypto’s crash is making Rolex watches cheaper – Input

At the peak of cryptocurrency’s hype, many celebrated buying a Rolex. But ever since the market’s collapse, crypto bros aren’t investing in luxury timepieces like they used to. According to a report from online watch trading platform Chrono24, the supply of trophy watches “is now much larger,” and has significantly impacted the price of models from brands including Rolex and Patek Phi…….

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10 Best Mechanical Watches Of 2022 – Fatherly


PRX Powermatic 80 Green Dial

Tissot makes well-priced Swiss automatic watches, and the new green dial variant of the PRX Powermatic 80 has a stunning look that evokes the best of 1970’s style. The dial’s waffled texture makes it even more interesting to stare at on your wrist. But if you want to look inside, this also has a see-through caseback. It’s water …….

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Issey Miyake Made Plenty of Time for Watches, Too – GQ

Many of Issey Miyake’s contributions to the world of fashion are so iconic as to be synonymous with the designer himself. On Tuesday, the day Miyake’s death was announced by his studio, some outlets trumpeted him in headlines as the “designer who created Steve Jobs’ turtleneck.” A growing faction of menswear fans won’t hear the name Miyake without instantly calling to mind his heat-…….

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