Video: Van Life & Shredding Corsica with Morgane Jonnier in ‘Sparta’ –

Morgane explores this wild and striking region from Cap Corse all the way to Bastia riding through the best trail inlands. She shows us her atypical way of life where every day is extraordinary. Morgane diversifies her training and outdoor activities according to seasons. She is doing it for her own performance, but also to externalize her emotions. Before the race season started in Ap…….

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VW Caddy California 2023 review – off-road test – Living the van life in Australia’s cheapest camper! – CarsGuide

It’s pretty well-behaved when you drive on unsealed roads, but this is a front-wheel drive van so venture off the beaten track at your own risk. The good news is: there are a lot of campsites – under the auspices of national parks or private set-ups – that can be a reached safely in a 2WD vehicle.

Reasonable use for this van falls within the parameters of driving only on a well-main…….

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I quit van life after 4 years and moved into a house. Here’s why I gave up living on the road and don’t regret it. – Yahoo News

For four years, I traveled around the US and Canada in my van. Now, I live in a house in Moab, Utah.Kaya Lindsay

I moved into a house after spending four years traveling around the US and Canada in a van.

Van life looks relaxing on social media, but I have much more free time now than I did then.

It was challenging to build lasting friendships on the road, and I longed for a s…….

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Van Life: How we fed ourselves while travelling the UK in our van – The Independent

Is there anything more quaintly 2020 than travelling the UK by self-renovated van, foraging or thrifting your food wherever you end up, and cooking it together over an open fire (or, more accurately, a two-ring gas stove)? It’s the pipe dream of every full-timer in the City.

Well, chef Danny Jack and Hailee Kukura have done it, and they’ve also written a handy pocket-sized guide so y…….

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