Alameda County public defender pleads to free man with gang tattoos from Salvadorian jail – KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco


Walter Cruz-Zavala works on his family farm in El Salvador. Photo: Alameda County Public Defender’s Office 

OAKLAND, Calif. – The Alameda County Public Defender’s Office is calling on U.S. lawmakers and lawyers to help release a man with gang tattoos from a jail in El Salvador – especially because a large part of why he has the tattoos is because of an Ameri…….

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How tattoos are helping overcome trauma, domestic abuse in Brazil – Al Jazeera English

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Talita Souza walked through the doors of Stylo Tattoo in Sao Paulo hoping to cover up the scars on her forearms – the result of domestic abuse.

Souza, a mother of two, calls the abuse incidents, where her partner assaulted her, pulled her hair, hanged her and kicked her over a period of four years, “accidents”.

“When we talk about domestic violence, t…….

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Arlington PD Now Allows Tattoos to Show, & it Makes Perfect Sense –

The more regulations you put on anything, say police officers, the smaller your pool applicants become, it’s a given. And while regulations are often put in place by a governing body intending to shrink said pool, it turns out in this case the Arlington, TX Police Department felt they were missing out on too many quality applicants.

So in an effort to attract more potential officers to Ar…….

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What to Know About Infected Tattoos—Including How to Treat Them – Parade Magazine has an extensive editorial partnership with Cleveland Clinic, consistently named as one of the nation’s best hospitals in U.S. News & World Report’s annual “America’s Best Hospitals” survey. Click here to learn more about our health reporting policies.There’s a sense of excitement and pride that you may feel after getting a tattoo, especially if the design has s…….

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UV Tattoos Will Take the Simplest Design From Basic to Bright – POPSUGAR

UV tattoos are made with dyes that illuminate under an ultraviolet light.
Because of the fluorescent ink, they’re sometimes referred to as blacklight tattoos.
Here’s what to know about the tattoo trend, plus photos to inspire your next ink.

Getting a tattoo is an everlasting commitment (unless you’re getting an ephemeral design, but that’s a story for another day). Your goal might be …….

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