‘From the very beginning’: Washington Nationals retire Ryan Zimmerman’s 11 – ESPN

WASHINGTON — Seventeen years and 11 days after Ryan Zimmerman was the first player ever drafted by the new-to-town Washington Nationals, and a little more than eight months after he appeared in his last game for the franchise, his No. 11 became the first jersey number retired by the club.

During a ceremony before Saturday’s game between Washington and the Philadelphia Phillies, the man k…….

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7 Standout Places to Retire – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

The number-one rule in real estate is location, location, location, but that means different things to different people. For young families, the most desirable location is typically a neighborhood that’s near good schools and kid-friendly parks and (ideally) isn’t far from work. Retirees have different criteria. Their perfect destination is more likely to offer good health care facilities, …….

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Top Five Tips For Retirement – Forbes

Retirement planning might increase your joy in retirement. (Photo by Robert Alexander)

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Retirement is one of those things in life that we spent a large amount of time, sometimes even your entire life, preparing for and working toward. How can you be best prepared for this momentous occasion? Working with a qualified financial planner is a…….

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Why 2022 has been a dangerous time to retire — and what you can do about it – CNBC

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It’s a scary time for new retirees.

Stocks have plunged this year. Bonds, which traditionally serve as a ballast when stocks falter, have also been pummeled. Both trends are worrisome for seniors who rely on investments for their retirement income. High inflation also means retirees need to draw more income to afford the same items and make ends meet.</…….

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