New Tharstern TV Show Launched to Help Printing Companies Learn More about Integration and Connectivity – WhatTheyThink

The Integration Lab from Tharstern is a new on-demand TV show for print professionals who want to speed up their workflow and get print jobs flowing swiftly through each department.

The show is hosted by integration expert John Murphy who has been helping printing companies create integrated workflows for over 20 years. John’s guests include Chris Smyth, Strat…….

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US Issues Sanctions on Three 3D Printing Companies for Sending Blueprints to China –

Three US companies were sanctioned for sending defense blueprints to China. They are accused of transferring files of technical drawings and blueprints used to 3D print satellites, rocket technology, and other defense-related prototypes just so they could save on costs. These unauthorized exports resulted in a penalty known as a temporary denial order (TDO), which is described as one of the mo…….

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Silent Auction to Support Ukraine Launched by Leading 3D Printing Companies – 3Dnatives

For the past weeks, the world has looked on in horror at the devastation that is happening in Ukraine as a result of the ongoing conflict with Russia. There have been thousands of deaths and injuries with at least $600B in property damage and unfortunately it does not seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. As a result, people all over the globe have banded together to offer help wherev…….

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