Finding your personal style is like finding yourself – The Prospector

It was the night before seventh grade, and I was so excited to start my first day of junior high, I could not stop thinking of all the possibilities these next two school years had in store for me. I could hardly sleep because my mind just kept racing, but I decided to tell it to just shut up.

My alarm clock went off at 6 a.m. sharp, I quickly rolled out of bed and got ready, brushing my…….

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How to Find Your Personal Style, Once and For All – The Everygirl

For years, I felt like I never had anything to wear. Every time I went shopping, I came home convinced, thinking to myself, “This is it. This is the piece of clothing that will make my wardrobe complete and cohesive and show I’ve mastered my personal style.” 

But the truth was, no single shirt, pair of shorts, or skirt could magically solve my problems—and that’s because my w…….

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