Gov. Beshear Announces 17-Member Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee – Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO Weekly)

Gov. Andy Beshear has announced the 17 members of the Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee, who will help him explore legalizing medical marijuana through executive action after the state legislature failed to push a bill through at this year’s session.

“Polling suggests 90% of Kentucky adults support legalizing medical cannabis, while at the same time, far…….

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California Senate Approves Bill to Prohibit Municipalities From Banning Medical Cannabis Access – Cannabis Business Times

Editor’s note: The following is adapted from Breaking the Stigma.

There’s no question: in-store shopping is being replaced by online purchasing. In 2020, for example, the number of online-only shoppers over Black Friday weekend increased by 44%. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic likely influenced this increase, but it’s part of a larger trend.

This trend has made the i…….

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Connecticut Lawmakers Approve New Medical Cannabis Testing Regulations – Cannabis Business Times

Retail sales management is a form of art, according to Lilach Mazor Power, founder and CEO of Giving Tree Dispensary, an Arizona-based, vertically integrated cannabis company.

Retailers cannot rely on one single tool to navigate promotions, increase sales and keep traffic flowing smoothly through their stores. Instead, Mazor Power says dispensaries must keep a variety of tools in their me…….

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