Local businesses worry as Yellowstone tourism season comes to a halt amid dangerous flooding – CBS News

At the alpine lodge, owner Larry Yung’s bustling summer season just grounded to a halt after Yellowstone National Park was forced to close due to dangerous flooding.  

The usual sounds of visitors crowding the park are now replaced by emergency responders working to evacuate people and contain flooding in the area.

“The helicopters are flying over. That’s for rescue missions,” he…….

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Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Connects Diverse Local Businesses with Major Contractors – Howard County Government

The Local Business Initiative, which works to increase the percentage of county procurement dollars flowing to local businesses, has grown exponentially in the past three years. In 2018, only 100 firms were certified with the Office of Procurement and Contract Administration under the Local Business Initiative. Currently, there are 331 certified firms, with over 100 new busine…….

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