Hiking to new heights – MSU Reporter

Hiker Emily Ford was on her own, mid winter, and fell through the ice on a trail. Falling through ice into freezing water can cause cold water shock or hypothermia, both of which can lead to death. 

“When I’m in that moment, there’s really nobody else there to pull me out and dry me off. I’m the only one who can do that,” said Ford. 

To make it out, she turn…….

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Here’s What To Know About Hiking The Haunted Overlook Mountain In The Catskills – TheTravel

Many travelers have wandered through the Catskills in the past, with many an artist, writer, or photographer falling in love with the landscape. Not only popular with the artistically inclined, but the Catskills also became famously popular with tourists in the middle of the past century with massive hotels being erected across the mountains. With their abandonment, the Catskills have gained a…….

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Best Phone Apps for Hiking and Camping in Washington – Seattle Met

Paul Bunyan swung his ax, Davy Crockett wielded a rifle, and even the heroine from The Hunger Games had her bow and arrow. What tool do you have to brave the wilderness? Your smartphone, that’s what. Here are some of the best mobile apps for surviving and even thriving in Washington’s great outdoors.


While Google Maps will do surprisingly well on a near-town hike—it’s a…….

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