Healthy Habits Martha Stewart Swears By To Feel Great At 80 — Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

At 80 years young, the queen of cooking, cake baking, and crafting has a few tips she swears by to keep feeling great. Martha Stewart’s glowing complexion is just one of the many ways she reflects the ramifications of a life healthfully lived.

The 80-year-old businesswoman, author, and television personality has a few tried-and-true products that she swears by…….

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The Top Healthy Habits In Every State Might Surprise You – Brit + Co

From our favorite fitness routine (we love a good zumba class) to our go-to meals (we can’t wait to try these carrot hot dogs), our healthy habits can be determined by a variety of factors. Our age, our favorite activities, and where we live all play a role in our daily lives. We got a peek at the top eight healthy habits in the country, thanks to data from cloud-based personal trainer solution…….

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