As AQI spikes in Delhi-NCR, so does sale of air purifiers – India Today

As AQI spikes in Delhi-NCR, so does sale of air purifiers – India Today

For the last two weeks, Delhi-NCR has been covered with a layer of toxic smog. The air quality index (AQI) in the capital city and surrounding areas has ranged between 300 and 800, categorised as ‘severe’ and ‘hazardous’, for several days now.

As a result, some citizens in Delhi-NCR are facing health issues such as breathlessness, burning in the eyes, cough and congestion.

It naturally follows that the sale of air purifiers has seen a spike parallel to the rise in AQI levels. Electronics stores are flooded with different air purifier options to choose from and data suggests that sales are only going to increase.


Toxic air has led to an increase in the sales of air purifiers across Delhi-NCR. According to data, 70 per cent of the sale of air purifiers comes from this region. However, players in the market said they are starting to see an uptick in demand from other northern cities too. There is an increase in sales across the country.

Dipanjan Chakraborty, marketing director at Philips Domestic Appliances, said, “Air purifiers have largely remained a North India phenomenon, the concentration is in Delhi-NCR region where there is a spike in the level of pollutants especially during October and November. Since 2020, especially due to Covid-19, Philips has also witnessed traction [for air purifiers] in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata.”


According to research and market, the Indian air purifier market stood at over $85 million in financial year 2021 and is projected to cross over $569 million by financial year 2027.

According to Panasonic, air purifiers were among their top-selling products during the festive season. The market size has nearly touched Rs 500 crore annually.

Agomani Sengupta, marketing manager at Sharp Business Systems India Pvt Ltd added that 70 -80 per cent of air purifier sales come during the Diwali season. “This year also, severe air pollution and consumers’ increased understanding of the need for air purifiers has reflected in the overall demand,” Sengupta said.


This season, manufacturers have lined up new models of air purifiers with different smart features. Panasonic, for example, is offering air conditioners with air purifier capabilities, which can be used in the winter without the cooling function.

Marzin R Shroff, CEO at Eureka Forbes, said, “We are confident that our innovative range of products will capture a significant market share in 2021.”

Mahesh Gupta, KENT RO Chairman, said, “The company has already seen a spike in sales this season as compared to last year and is expecting this momentum to continue till the end of winter.”

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